What is a rebound girlfriend?


Question: What is a rebound girlfriend?
Tell me everything you are able to about rebound girlfriends

Answer by tallglassofwater91
The girl we hook up with a week once you break up with the girlfriend. the girl which we dont have any psychological connection with, however, we dont wnat ot appear lonely, thus we go out along with her anyway

Answer by farynblue
lol… they are girlfriends we receive instantly following ending another relationship to aid ease the pain. they usually have a bad rep, because though the man doesn’t ahve true feelings for them however is utilizing those to overcome their ex

Answer by saxplayingsurfchick
umm effectively a rebound girlfriend is somebody which we go out with virtually after we break up with somebody which you’re with for a lengthy time. She is the individual which we go to either for comfort or to act usual whenever we understand which we aren’t. Additionally she generally knows which we treat her because a rebound plus might reply with it soon

Answer by nicole K
A rebound girlfriend is merely a girl we don’t even that way you’re merely going out with to overcome the girlfriend we did really like.

Answer by Teddi H
The girl we have sex with initially once you breakup, we call her the girl for a couple of weeks, plus then dump her.. she’s the “rebound” chick…

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  1. sethburger

    Everytime i start dating a guy, i find out later that he is just getting out of a relationship. Then he tells me he is moving on and I end up getting played when he leaves me to get back with his ex. This has happend to me about 4 times since I have been single….which has been about 2 years now. I don’t TRY to go for guys who are just coming out of a relationship, they persue me. I just want love of my own…I don’t want to be a rebound girl. Wut the hell.

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