How do many relationships end?


Question: How do many relationships end?
Why and just how do relationships normally end?

Answer by mikey m
The man makes a easy however, not main mistake plus then your woman overeacts forcing the man to apologize.

Answer by Kali
theres commonly a fight plus then we state anything mean at no amount of apologising might do to create items better

Answer by Micahs•Mummy
I’m certain a great deal of individuals usually blame items like financial issues, family/friend difficulties, function difficulties, unmet demands etc yet with regards with it we understand which each relationship has these difficulties plus it’s how we handle them.

The first issue for relationship breakdown is shortage of correspondence plus bad correspondence.

Answer by Swamp Gator
They don’t love every different plus treat every additional like ideal neighbors.
They don’t wish To place the effort into the relationship which is required to keep it alive plus working.
They turn their eyes plus thoughts ot another.
They fight over stupid small details plus don’t learn how to talk to every different inside love.
They don’t take the relationship really.
Many are controlling plus don’t treat every alternative because means.
Whenever they receive the girl/guy they stop placing any effort into the relationship plus become lazy.

Answer by Maia
To date I have left them.
Why, it really wasn’t functioning for several cause, or I was moving away plus knew I will be tempted by somebody else there.

2 thoughts on “How do many relationships end?

  1. Alex

    okay so basically my boyfriend and i have been together for about a year and one month we’ve been friends for around 2-3 yrs and grew close. He started to like me and we’ve basically had an on and off relationship. Hes broken up with me and ive broken up with him because i had some personal issues i needed to fix myself and allow myself to heal anyways,
    he does make me smile and that but sometimes i just get embarrassed around my friends cuz they dont like him he seems too dorky to them, my mom doesnt really seem to like him and i really dont know what to do ive made a list of pros and cons of what i like and what i dont but it didnt seem to help and if i do break it off how do i walk away from it?
    i feel really lost in what I should do!
    i always dreamt of a guy that would be loving to my family, really good looking and somewhat musclure but most of all a guy that supports and respects me. I feel like the guy im with now loves me a lil bit too much more than I love him if u will. Im 16 hes 18 and i know that may seem like a big deal to u guys but i dont see a huge issue other than the fact that hes an adult (he doesnt really even act like one) and im a minor (i act around 18 mentally and im very independent and stand on my own 2 feet)
    i think my biggest worry is ending up alone theres not many cute guys in my town so Im somehow out of luck and i know ur probably thinking damn girl ur so young but all my other group of friends have bfs/gfs so im a bit of a loner.
    if i do end this id rather be friends with him and sometimes i feel that we are better off that way. He’s also not the most good lucking guy hes a bit small, hes tall but skinny he has no muscles and i know i sound like a bitch about him but im sure most girls wouldnt mind a lil muscle on their man!
    He loves so much and i feel a bit guilty at times since im not the most affectionate person out there (dont really like to talk about my feelings)
    im also scared that if i dont leave now, ill be stuck in this somewhat of a mess forever and i wont have the life i want with someone like a nice house, kids a husband who will provide/care for me and our children and etc and also possibly regret it later

    so what should I do?

    end it or stay?

  2. zigg3ns

    I have been in a realtionship with a man now for 3 years we have a 18 month old child together im american he is english we met in america and moved to uk after we found out i was pregnant, things have been pretty bad the since the birth of our daughter but looking back our relationship has never been really good we argue alot about nothing usually we have tried counselling that didnt work at all we have alot of trust issues i have caught him in numerous lies all concerning other women he had an affair with another women when he was married to to his now x wife and these 2 women are still in his life they talk on a regular basis and of course this bothers me. i have expressed how i feel about him keeping in contact with his x wife and x mistress if he didnt try to hide it fair enough i would understand him keeping in contact but the face that he tries to hide it makes me think that there is something to hide. also we fight about sex alot we dont have sex at all really we have had sex maybe 5 times in the last 2 years every time i bring it up it turns into a fight i try to do romantic things for him i do all the cooking cleaning taking care of the child im an attractive women not that it makes a difference i lost all the baby weight within a few weeks other men aproach me so i dont thinks its me i try everything to please him but nothing works, so im at a loss of what to do like i said in the begining im american he is english and if we split i would have to go back to america with our child which i dont want to do i want us to stay as a family he is a great dad just a bad partner
    i dont want to stay here if we decide to seperate my friends and family are in usa

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